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The military excursion you were just on went pear shaped, and fast! Time to get out of dodge, and link up with friendlies to get you out! It's up to you to make it there, however, so grab what you can and give nothing back!


HINT: If the way ahead seems impassible, check the immediate area for secret passages. They will have some difference that makes them stand out from the rest.

Z - Jump / Advance Text / Confirm Choice / Use Jetpack (only works while airborne)

X - Shoot / Advance Text

C - Open / Close Inventory

A or S - Hotswap Weapons

Down Arrow - Aim Down (airborne only) / Interact with Objects

Up Arrow - Aim up

Left Arrow - Move / Aim Left

Right Arrow - Move / Aim Right


Big Break v1.3 Demo.zip 51 MB

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